Regular engagement with AstroYoga builds your cosmic connection with your own life force energy, forges new energetic pathways, and opens your consciousness to higher opportunities than ever before.

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Luminary Membership

Join a community of AstroYoga practitioners who take part in group astrology sessions as well as AstroYoga asana,Ā breath work, and meditation classes.

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Quintessence Membership

Get all the community support that comesĀ with Luminary Membership PLUS a personal session every month with a professional AstroYoga specialist.

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Teachers and Teachers-in-Training Membership

Receive all current ISAY courses free inside this professional development membership and take part in master classes with experts.

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Take a course to begin your deep study of Astrology based Yoga, or take advanced course to grow in distinct topics within AstroYoga. Please note, all current courses are included in the AstroYoga Teachers and Teachers-In-Training membership. 

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AstroYoga Teacher Training

Thereā€™s an ancient astrological yoga practice that shows you how to examine the energies of the zodiac and how they manifest in your body. Learn AstroYoga to use in your personal orĀ professional practice. Receive Yoga Alliance Continuing EdĀ credit for this course.

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Sound Vibrations, Astrology, and Yoga

Ancient spiritual masters and modern quantum physicists acknowledge that the universe is vibration.Ā  Explore the relationships between sound, yoga and astrology to shift out of karmic patterns of suffering and harmonize your greatest wellbeing.

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Additional Advanced Course and Programs

Study specialized topics in AstroYoga on themes such as sidereal specialization, medical astrology, fixed star analysis, and integrative esoteric systems.

Welcome to the International School of AstroYoga

Unlock the infinite potential of your mind, body, and spirit through the transformative practice of AstroYoga. We invite you to embark on a celestial journey where the wisdom of astrology converges with the serenity of yoga, creating a harmonious blend of cosmic consciousness and physical well-being.

Discover the Cosmos Within

At the School of AstroYoga, we believe that true enlightenment lies in the harmonious alignment of the self with the universe. Our unique approach combines the ancient traditions of yoga with the profound insights of astrology, empowering you to explore your inner cosmos and embrace your authentic self.

AstroYoga Classes for All Levels

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, our diverse range of AstroYoga classes caters to all levels of experience. From gentle lunar flows to dynamic solar sequences, each class is thoughtfully designed to synchronize your movements with the celestial rhythms, enhancing your vitality, balance, and self-awareness.

Master the Cosmic Arts

Immerse yourself in the transformative knowledge of astrology and yoga through our comprehensive courses and workshops. Our esteemed faculty of experienced astrologers and certified yoga instructors will guide you through an enriching curriculum that delves deep into the interconnectedness of the stars, planets, and the human energy system. Uncover the hidden meanings in your birth chart, harness the power of planetary alignments, and cultivate a profound connection to the cosmic forces that shape your life.

Community of Cosmic Explorers

Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for AstroYoga and the pursuit of cosmic wisdom. Connect with fellow students and teachers through our interactive forums, workshops, and events. Together, we create a space where celestial seekers can exchange ideas, find support, and nurture their spiritual growth.

Begin Your Celestial Journey

Are you ready to embark on a profound voyage of self-discovery and holistic transformation? Step onto the path of AstroYoga and unlock the hidden potentials within you. Join us at the School of AstroYoga and let the stars guide you towards a harmonious existence.

Enroll today and transcend the boundaries of body and mind with AstroYoga. Your cosmic adventure awaits!

Nice to meet you!

We were founded in 2023 by AstroYoga Specialist Emily Ridout.

After working for nearly two decades in the field, she founded this school to bring together the many teachers, students, and lovers of AstroYoga.

Emily is the author of AstroYoga for an Aquarian Age and has been featured in Reader's Digest, Women's Health, Well + Good, and Yoga Journal

More about our founder

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