Tarot Illumination: Unveiling Cosmic Pathways Through AstroYoga

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that delves deep into the mystical intersections of tarot, astrology, and yoga? 


In "Tarot Illumination," we invite you to unlock the profound wisdom of tarot, guided by the cosmic energies of astrology and the spiritual essence of yoga. This multi-part course will not only enhance your tarot reading abilities but also open gateways to heightened consciousness, fostering a deeper connection to AstroYoga and aligning you with the universe in profound ways. 

Why "Tarot Illumination" is Unique:

🌟 Holistic Synergy: Discover the intricate interplay between tarot, astrology, and yoga, harnessing their combined energies for a deeper understanding of yourself and the universe.

🌟 Unlock Cosmic Wisdom: Decode the symbolism of tarot cards and learn how they resonate with astrological archetypes, unveiling hidden insights and guidance.

🌟 Conscious Alignment: Immerse yourself in transformative yogic practices that align your body, mind, and spirit with the cosmic forces, deepening your connection to the universe.

🌟 Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced practitioners who bridge the realms of tarot, astrology, and yoga, guiding you through each week's exploration.

Course Highlights:

🌌 Five-Week Journey: Dive into a structured curriculum that unfolds over five weeks, with breaks in between, allowing you to fully absorb the wisdom and practices at your own pace.

🌌 AstroYoga Rituals: Integrate tarot insights with yoga and ritual practices to create a powerful synergy that resonates with your inner cosmos.

🌌 Cosmic Consciousness: Open doorways to heightened awareness, allowing you to align more deeply with AstroYoga and experience life in a more profound and meaningful way.

🌌 Interactive Community: Connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive online community, sharing insights, experiences, and transformative growth.




Course Structure 


Week 1: Navigating Life, Manifesting, and Solving Problems Like The Fool

  •  Aims: Lay the groundwork for the course by introducing the major concepts that connect you to what real manifestation and problem solving are all about.
  •  Session 1: The Wisdom of the Cosmos is the Foolishness of Man—Introduction to the Fool's Journey
  •  Session 2: The Magician, Mercury, and the One Power You Have
  •  Session 3: The High Priestess and Tapping into Lunar Consciousness
  •  Session 4: The Empress, Creative Intelligence, and Manifestation
  •  Session 5: The Emperor, Seeing Clearly, and Setting Your House in Order

Week 2: You, Yourself, and Your Loves, and the Secrets of Embodied Yoga

  •  Aims: Dive into your innate inner capacity to unlock the universal truths currently hidden within your life circumstances.
  •  Session 1: The Hierophant, Secrets of the Energy Body, and the Still, Small Voice Within
  •  Session 2: The Lovers, Relationships, and Teasing out Layers of Being
  •  Session 3: Chariot, the Charioteer, and your Ultimate Victory
  •  Session 4: Strength, Kundalini, and Embodying Higher Identities
  •  Session 5: The Hermit, and the Physical Unfoldment of the Light Within

Week 3: Balms for When Life Gets Tough

  •  Aims: Explore concepts of seeing the manifest world through a spiritual lens, and increase your understanding of the ordered workings of the Cosmos.
  •  Session 1: The Wheel of Fortune, Seasons, and the Changing Stormy Skies
  •  Session 2: Justice, Libra, and the Clarity in Karma
  •  Session 3:The Hanged Man and Samadhi 
  •  Session 4: The Death Card, Fearlessness, Unity, and Love
  •  Session 5: Temperance, Practice, and Persistence


Week 4: From Darkness to Light--Cosmic Integration and Embodiment

  •  Aims: Uncover the cosmic mind and its relationship to tarot, astrology, and yoga in your life.
  •  Session 1: How to Laugh at the Devil Card
  •  Session 2: The Tower, Mars, and the Flash of Insight
  •  Session 3: The Star and the Answers to Life, the Universe, and Everything
  •  Session 4: The Moon, Dreams, and the Journey of the Soul
  •  Session 5: The Sun and Solar Consciousness as an Embodied Being


Week 5: Cosmic Oneness and How to Give a Stellar Reading

  •  Aims: Attain a deeper sense of self-mastery through the integration of tarot, astrology, and yoga. And hone your tarot reading skills.
  •  Session 1: Judgement and Taking Right Measure
  •  Session 2: The World and the Fool All Over Again
  •  Session 3: Reading Strategies
  •  Session 4: Advanced Reading Techniques 
  •  Session 5: Numerology and the Power of One



💫 📅 Schedule: You may attend the class live via Zoom, or access the recording. As well, throughout the course I invite you to send your questions to me. 

All live recording times will be 10 am PT/1 pm ET and class will last 1 hour.

Week 1: October 9-13

Week 2: October 16-20

Week 3: October 23-27

Week 4: October 30-November 3

Week 5: November 6-10


🔮 Beyond Simple Readings: In working with the tarot, you can unlock deeper universal principles at play in your day to day life as well as your biggest challenges. Understanding and actively working with the tarot is a key to unlocking many of the practices within astrology and yoga. Experience the magic of the ancient symbolic language and forge a deep connection with the cosmos and yourself.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Receive a FREE Tarot Reading

Having a reading can be one of the best ways to tap into what the tarot is here to offer you. The first five people to register for this course before the equinox will receive a guided tarot session, absolutely free (normally priced at $100).

Meet Your Guide

International School of AstroYoga founder Emily Ridout has been working in this field since 2009. Her passion for the astrology-mind-body connection led her to publish AstroYoga for an Aquarian Age and to establish membership programs where ordinary people can come together to access the wisdom of the stars. She holds an M.A. and B.A. in Folklore, and her work has been featured in Reader's Digest, Well + Good, Women's Health, and Yoga Journal. She loves sharing AstroYoga intel during group sessions and also highlighting the work of other AstroYoga practitioners in Luminary and Quintessence memberships.

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In Loving Memory:

This course is dedicated to the living, loving memory of our founder Emily Ridout's dad, Kyle Ridout, who passed away during preparations for this course. Among his many qualities was a love for studying and meditating upon the tarot. May his consciousness live on through the hope and blessings depicted in tarot study and illumination.