Sound Vibrations, Astrology, and Yoga Live Online Course



‚ÄúIf you want to find the secrets¬†of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.‚ÄĚ

 - Nikola Tesla


Ancient spiritual masters and modern quantum physicists acknowledge that the universe is vibration.  Everything in the universe has its own inherent vibration, from the planets of our solar system to the cells within our bodies.  This course will explore the relationships between sound, yoga and astrology to harmonize our greatest wellbeing.  We will explore

  • How to use sound as a tool to navigate the transits of our lives
  • Using sound and yoga to work with the shifting, dynamic energies alive in our world and solar system
  • How to harmonically view aspects of astrology charts
  • How to utilize sound tools and yoga to harmonize that which we seek to integrate and release that which no longer serves at the levels of both matter and spirit

The "Sound Vibrations" course is one of the first of its kind to combine:

ūüĆü Holistic Synergy: Discover the intricate interplay between sound, astrology, and yoga, harnessing their combined energies for a deeper understanding of yourself and the universe.

ūüĆü Unlock Cosmic Wisdom: Decode the art of sound, vibration, and music and how they resonate with the cosmos, unveiling hidden insights and guidance.

ūüĆü Create Conscious Alignment: Immerse yourself in transformative yogic practices that align your body, mind, and spirit with the cosmic forces, deepening your connection to the universe.

ūüĆü Receive Expert Guidance: Learn from a true expert who bridges the fields of sound, astrology, and yoga, guiding you through each week's exploration.

Course Highlights:

ūüĆĆ Ten-Week Journey: Dive into a structured curriculum that unfolds over ten¬†weeks, allowing you to deep dive into this topic

ūüĆĆ AstroYoga Sound Rituals: Integrate sound and vibratory information¬†to create a powerful synergy that resonates with your inner cosmos.

ūüĆĆ Relief and New Openings: Open doorways to release stagnant energy from your body-mind and to invite in that which you truly desire, all through the interplay of the cosmic sound.

ūüĆĆ Interactive Community: Connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive online community, sharing insights, experiences, and transformative growth.




Course Structure 


Week 1: Sound + Yoga + Astrology = Yoking Ourselves to the Cosmic

  • ¬†Explore sound as the source of all being and vibration¬†as the basis of all reality
  • ¬†Go over the history and context of what they are and how they relate
  • Introduce the yoga of sound, music of spheres, cosmic octave (which we will explore more fully throughout the course)
  • Inquire: what is sound? Everything in the universe is vibration. We are vibration. Explore how this knowledge can be used to integrate/support/release energies from our charts both physically and energetically

Week 2: Energies of the Zodiac + Energies of Sound

  • ¬†Mathematical structures of sound are the same as the mathematical structures of the universe
  • Explore the five levels of energy in the¬†universe and Cymatics
  • Conceptualize aspects of the wisdom traditions surrounding Para Vac and Saraswati
  • How does dis-ease occur? How can we use this knowledge to release and grow?
  • Explore the Law of Resonance and the Harmonic Structure of Sound, including the four key differences about how a sound affects us each differently and how these harmonies show up in your astrology chart

Week 3: The Music of Spheres

  • ¬†Explore how the movements of Celestial Bodies relate to music and sound
  • Introduce concepts from String Theory and cover Pythagoras' use of musical intervals to describe planetary distances

Week 4: The Cosmic Octave

  • ¬†Explore the links among planets, tones, and color to reveal an all-encompassing system of measurement in which you can link movements of planets into audible rhythms, sounds, and colors
  • ¬†Explore the yogic approach to each planet, aspects of the moon phases, and measurements of Earth time to show frequency, note, and color theory as related to yoga and the Cosmic Octave


Week 5: Sound Tool Box

  • ¬†Explore sound as a tool to experience the web of the universe
  • Learn about relevant instruments
  • Understand mantra and the four streams of sacred sound in Hinduism (Shabda Yoga, Shakti Yoga, Bhava Yoga, Nada Yoga)

Week 6: Correlations to Harmonize Wellbeing with Body Systems, Organs, Frequency, Planets, and the Zodiac Part 1

  • Approaches to understand Entrainment--fight of flight vs frequency shifting
  • Explore how to use knowledge of sound and yoga and their correlation the universe to affect what we you wish to affect. Explore this from the view of the chart or the point(s) of discomfort


Week 7: Correlations to Harmonize Wellbeing with Body Systems, Organs, Frequency, Planets, and the Zodiac Part 2

  • ¬†Continue the conversation to understand how the knowledge of sound and yoga correlate to all aspects of living things and to the living cosmos to affect what you wish to affect. Consider resonance in terms of the chart and of remedying points of dis-ease.

Week 8: Chakra and Aura Healing with Sound, Yoga, and Astrology

  • Comprehensively break down the Chakra System with note correlations, vowel sounds, planets, gems, colors, and fragrances
  • Go through the sacred bija (seed) mantras with partner practice exercises


Week 9: Physical, Mental + Emotional Healing and Well-being with Sound, Yoga, and Astrology

  • Go over stress-related issues, healing organs, body systems, and sound as related to bodily wellbeing
  • Discover the sound of emotions and how to release stuck emotions and transform negative beliefs
  • Understand shifting brainwave states
  • Explore sound and astrology together as tools for greater self-awareness
  • Learn about the Schumann Resonance

Week 10: Sharing and Reflecting with the Group


ūüíę ūüďÖ¬†Schedule:¬†You may attend the class live via Zoom, or access the recording. As well, throughout the course¬†I invite you to send your questions to me.¬†

All live recording times will be 5:30pm PT and class will last 2 hours.

Course Dates: TBA Autumn 2024  

ūüĆĆ Beyond Surface-Level Understanding:¬†In working with sound, you can go so much further than simply understanding the rate of vibration associated with certain chakras or in playing a single sound bowl. Taking the time to understand¬†the interplay among the cosmos, sound, and yoga, you can unlock deeper pathways within yourself and learn to move energy in a way that opens new favorable pathways.¬†

Meet Your Guide

Ginger Kesey is a certified sound therapist, trauma-informed yoga teacher, and an RYT 500 who began her journey with the healing arts through yoga. During her 500-hour training she was introduced to AstroYoga.  The teachings of AstroYoga resonated with her deeply - many of the principles reflecting the way she inherently organized herself in the world. 

Astrology paired with yoga illuminated a way for her to dive deeper, exploring the different aspects of herself and providing a solid foundation on which to root, explore and grow.  She loves sharing these connections with her students so they can discover how these energies enliven their lives.

 She went on to study Trauma Informed Yoga, completing an Advanced Yoga Therapy Level 2 Training through Sundara Yoga Therapy.  Through her various yogic studies she was continually nudged toward sound as a modality for healing, creativity and self-discovery.  A year later she enrolled in a Globe Sound Healing Institute and completed two years of study to receive both Sound Therapy and Advanced Sound Therapy Certifications.

This medley of complimentary teachings - yoga, astrology and sound - provide a rich tapestry on which to find health, healing, creativity, meaning and connection.  They support one another in the most fluid and beautiful ways and forge connection and harmony within the mind, body, soul and spirit. 

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